We just melt and melt and melt…..


I am part of an amazing Online Immersion offered by the Mattamayura Institute. It is blowing my mind, illuminating my heart, healing my Spirit, enriching my body, and reminding me to continue to melt. and melt. and melt and melt.

This beautiful and eloquent poem below sums up what I am inspired by, what I am practicing, and what I am feeling from the inside out. Thank you Hareesh, Cristina Star, and Paul Muller-Ortega, the brilliant man who wrote the following….

“We melt. We just melt and melt and melt. The heart has to melt and when it does, an indescribable flow of love reveals itself. And we experience something mysterious, this incredible warmth and light and fire and opening that is real, that is not just a temporary emotion, but is a true breakthrough into our deeper self in the heart, when the contraction of the heart melts. And we feel, oh, this is so divine, so beautiful, so thrilling, it feels so sacred, it ennobles and uplifts and expands. It is the real movement of consciousness within itself, long sought by all spiritual seekers, described by all the great mystics, that inflamed and ignited and radiant heart in which the smallness of the mind, small ideas, agitated thoughts, distracted thoughts, incoherent thoughts, thoughts that generate difference only, finite distinctions only that cannot contain or convey any form of the smooth rounded perfection of non-duality in them.

All this melts and the heart is inflamed. When the heart is inflamed it may not feel like emotion in the ordinary sense. There may be such extraordinary serenity, and yet also this mysterious feeling that something that was closed has opened. Something that was locked has released. Something that was contracted and small has given way finally, after how many lifetimes.

Even in the rigidity of the body, the melting and opening of the heart, the igniting and kindling of that inner splendor, maha prakasha, infuses every single cell of the body with prana shakti, with life and it melts the rigidity of the body.

Melt my life into a pool of nectar. Melt the samskaras of my suffering. Melt the malas of my bondage. Melting practice, this is laya, this is hridaya, this is shunya, the great space, this is nirvikalpa, this is madhya. It is a state of divine meltedness, expansion. Each day we invoke grace. Life without grace is a nothingness, is an inconceivable nothingness. It is grace itself, that flows expansively into the moment by moment experience of our life. It opens up each moment so that in a single moment, it’s as if eternity is echoing. In a single perception, it is as if infinity is somehow vibrating in our individuality. It is as if within the small boundaries of my body, my mind, my senses, something vast is alive and interconnected with everything else, connecting in this way to the universally flowing pattern of the totality of existing things.

We begin to discover how to be, to be an ecstatic being, living an awakened life, with an ignited, kindled and melted heart in service of everything, in service of the divine, in service of life, in service of humanity, in service of knowledge, in service of every possible form of artistic expression, in service of every different engagement of human beings.”

-Paul Muller-Ortega