Tarot & Palm Readings


My interest in the occult and esoteric studies began as a child, and I was gifted my first deck when I was 14. I use many decks including the Herbal Tarot, the Thoth Deck, the Tao Oracle, and the Tarot of Transformation deck. Any of these decks can be used for your reading with me.

Tarot readings offer a window to your soul, to your heart’s true path. It illuminates and reconnects you to You. It unravels and reveals all of your potentials, in the order that the heart wishes to prioritize said potentials.


On Neko’s readings: “She will not waste your time, she will fill it with insightful & direct messages and you will chew on it for exceedingly longer after. Extremely accurate; at a distance or proximal.”-J.J. 

Tarot With Me

I offer in depth and specific to you 9+ card spreads to illuminate any areas of your life that you are seeking insight into. My readings are either in person in Trumansburg, NY or over the phone. I set an altar specific to you before each reading. All readings come with a recording of the reading for you to listen to at your leisure. Over the phone sessions include photos of your spread(s) as well. You are welcome to ask any questions or keep them to yourself, the cards will reveal all that is most beneficial for you to hear. All sessions run from 1-1.5 hours.

  •  Tarot Reading $77
  • Options for Tarot Readings:
  • Relationship Spread
  • Work, Play, Health + Wealth
  • Full Year Ahead
  • Finding Your Path
  • Can’t decide? It’s ok, the cards will help!

Palm Readings With Me


If you are seeking guidance, to connect to beings unseen or to see what you came into this life with, and what you are here to do with this life, I offer thorough, accurate, and in depth readings. My palm readings are unique in that I read your lines as well as your energy while holding your palms.

  • 30 minute palm reading $54
  • Private Palm Reading Party $195 for 3 hours