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Wolf & Bee Alchemy offers sacred goods for the mind, body & spirit. Each product is hand crafted with intention, integrity, and made in small batches to maintain high quality, fully natural products.  This “mom & pop” shop is run by me, Neko, and my lovely apprentice. We put serious love and intention into each product we make. We welcome any questions, feedback, and praise! Contact us here!

IMG_0720Facial + Body Products

Our ingredients are of the earth, completely natural and even edible, as we believe that if you wouldn’t eat it, why would you put it on your skin (your largest organ that absorbs everything).

Super Natural ALL OVER

5 pack Organic Love Bundle

Say YES to the whole set and SAVE! This Super Natural ALL OVER Organic Love Bundle gives you….

  • Divine Immortelle (10ml)–$25 value
  • 1000 Petals Rosewater Facial Elixir (2 oz)–$20 value
  • Rainbow F🌈k Yes Cosmic Unicorn Elixir (2oz)–$20 value
  • Pure Sunshine Neroliwater Facial Elixir (2 oz)–$20 value
  • Dream Weaver Midnight Face + Eye Serum (10ml)–$30 value
  • ALL 5 for $115 ONLY $95 (save $20)


1000 Petals Rosewater Elixir


A nourishing, hydrating and uplifting Rosewater + Gem Elixir! Spray liberally on face, body, hair and in your space to hydrate, tone, lift, soften, and call in LOVE! Made with loving intention, Rosewater, & Moon infused gem essences of rose quartz, emerald and pink lemurian quartz gem essences.

Pure Sunshine Neroliwater Elixir


Feel the sunshine radiate from within with this uplifting and hydrating Neroliwater + Gem Elixir! Spray liberally on face, body, hair, or anywhere sunshine is wanted! Made with loving intention, neroliwater, and moon infused citrine and sunflower essences.

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Divine Immortelle

Daily Facial Serum


Facial Serum that uses sacred oils to repair on a deeper cellular level & to promote healthy production of sebaceous glands. Use as a face wash or a moisturizer for fine lines, wrinkles, oily & acne prone skin, dry skin, to balance, soften, and to help build collagen. Ingredients: Sweet Almond oil, essential oils of rose, neroli, carrot seed & helichrysum.

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Dream Weaver

Midnight Face + Eye Serum

This dream weaver midnight face + eye serum will leave your skin feeling noticeably softer, smoother and brighter. The proprietary essential oil blend is noted to regenerate cellular repair on the sub dermal layers, softening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Our blend also offers a stress relieving aromatherapeutic effect that reduces stress. Roll on at night before bed, or if you’re like us, roll on anytime of the day! Made with organic jojoba oil and organic essential oil blend of roman chamomile, frankincense, ylang ylang and neroli.

  • Dream Weaver Midnight Face +Eye Serum $30 for 10ml

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 Rainbow F🌈K Yes

Cosmic Unicorn Elixir

Rainbow F🌈k Yes

A cosmic unicorn elixir made to spritz on the parts of life that need more Joy, Magick, and a sense of wonder + awe again! Made with organic rose hydrosol, spring water, gem essences of pink Lemurian Quartz bathed in the refreshing pacific ocean with humpback whales, as well as pink dolphin + unicorn essences frolicking in the waves of the Atlantic ocean, and organic essential oils of grapefruit, fir, ylang ylang + tonka blend.


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Pain Relief Products

Instant Pain Relief

A miraculous & completely natural antidote to pain associated with headaches, migraines, old or new injuries, cramps, menstrual pains, & stress.* 100% pure essential oil blend of clove, lavender, peppermint, and helichrysum.

  • New LARGER bottle available! 10ml for $33

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Gift Certificates

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Can be used towards any of our goods/products here or for tarot or astrology readings, reiki sessions, private yoga sessions, or an herbal consultations.  If you are using a gift card to pay for your order, please email your order to me here

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All products and statements are lovingly FDA-approval free.  All of our goods are handmade in small European style batches to maintain excellent quality control and integrity. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, or to place local orders for pick up or delivery, please email us at 

Love from Neko, and Wolf & Bee Alchemy