Dance Sanctuary

Every Thursday evening at the Foundation of Light,  a special crew of co-hearts help Neko host ecstatic dance sanctuary. It is a safe space for all genders to utilize the freedom of expression, sound tracked by a variety of DJ’s who feature conscious music of many varieties.

The soundscape allows one to go on a journey into their heart, into the shadow, the light, deep into the earth, up into the cosmos and everywhere in between. It is a glorious interplay within and without. Inner children are welcome here, and you do not need to know how to “dance” in the mainstream sense of the word at all to attend and thoroughly enjoy yourself.

We offer this consciously minded, free form dance to nourish mind, body, soul and to honor and foster community. Each week we gather in the opening circle, are lead thru a guided meditation to set intentions, and unfurl into whatever the sound/dance hold for us. This is a barefoot or socks only dance floor. There is no talking on the dance floor, as is the custom of ecstatic dance around the world, to allow us to find other ways to listen and communicate with others and ourselves. This is in no way a rule to be quiet though, as all sorts of sounds are surely welcome!

Contact improv is definitely a common sighting/experience at our dances and is available to any who wish to consensually engage. Regarding consent: We ask that you enter into every facet of the dance with conscious awareness regarding what is most true for you, which is why we also ask that folks arrive with clear minds by abstaining from drugs and alcohol please. This allows you to show up as you are: feeling sad, mopey, withdrawn or disconnected? All is welcome. Feeling pumped, excited, on fire with life? All is welcome. We fully support you showing up for yourself and also finding your authentic YESES and NO’s regarding connecting with others!

For example, it is fully reasonable to not want to dance with anyone or to dance with everyone, or to not dance with someone you normally dance with. Finding what is most honest for yourself in any given moment is your right, and we are all here to support one another finding their truths on and off the dance floor. Because there is no talking, you may put your hands together in prayer to let someone know you’re not interested in dancing with them, or are done with dancing if you’re dancing with someone.

We also ask that each of you is present to the culmination of energies…. So if you are dancing with someone and you notice them moving away, take their lead and also move away.  Hold back as well if you feel holding back towards you. In a society where paying attention to the subtle energies is not encouraged, we urge you to cultivate that awareness. Praise all the boundaries that arrive. What a gift to receive someone’s authentic truth, even if it is a No. We wish to truly connect and honesty is the only real place that true connection can happen. There is such a beautiful interconnectedness that is present on the dance floor, whether actually dancing together or not, and we encourage people to wake up to this and feel the rejuvenating effects of that awareness!