Divine Nectar

Divine Nectar is a private membership immersive magical and somatic ritual space to embrace our sacred sexuality and creative life force center!

In this cauldron we are supported and held to help us actively release shame around our bodies and our desires, heal from oppressive and stifling religious programming, take back our emPOWERed existence, awaken our sacred spiritual-sexual genius, dive into empowered BLISS that is RIGHT HERE waiting for us to REMEMBER!

All with the support of an exclusive, private and conscious community of other MAGICAL beings also ready to WAKE UP!

Investment ~ Annual~ $29.99 per month if billed annually total $360 (SAVE $18 per month/$216 per year)

Monthly ~ $47.99 if you pay monthly.

Includes ~ 3 (or more) LIVE Rituals/Calls monthly with replays

We will learn to RECEIVE and LIVE our most authentic Selves, through Tantrik Alchemy and many other effective practices that illuminate and align us to our TRUEST desires and deepest most REAL, supportive and delicious BLISS!


You must review and agree to the Sacred Agreements before joining the Divine Nectar Membership Program. All participants must join HERE (<–click) in order to receive the registration link for the membership program.

Why this Juicy Membership Program?

  • ~You are READY to heal your relationship with your BODY
  • ~You are ready to RELEASE all that programmed SHAME
  • ~You are ready to BREAK the PATTERNS that sabotage your dreams
  • ~You are ready for a solid, safe and brave community of badasses to support you
  • ~You are ready to feel more JUICY, SEXY, ALIVE and JOYFUL
  • ~You are ready to be held accountable for all those DREAMS you want to come true
  • ~You are READY to feel EMPOWERED in your skin, in your desires, AND in your relationships
  • ~You are ready to dedicate to your own personal awakening and thereby change life as you know it
  • ~You are ready to MAKE SWEET AND FEROCIOUS LOVE in all areas of your life
  • ~You are ready to awaken your inner witch, wizard, weirdo, queerdo, magi magick priest/ess Self

Imagine gathering with a like-minded community where you can experience your own release of personal barriers, de-shame, and empower yourself to live FREELY and TRULY. The empowering and nourishing effects get magnified in such an intentional container that will ripple out more and more and more into every facet of your life. This allows us to ALL feel radiant, supported, spacious, powerful, magical, sexy and like we’re ALL on top of the world together!

We all know that a crowd with an intention makes HUGE ripples in the timeline shift! As an activist, I have found that the best way to create the world I wish to be a part of is to do it in conscious community with others on a similar path! This community membership will not just change your life in the bedroom, at work, and within your community, it will literally change the WORLD! AND oh Goddess, She is READY for the change!

What happens in Divine Nectar?

Sexy Sunday Sermons

A$$ Shaking Dance Parties

Rituals to call in Love, Romance, Health, Wealth

Sacred Sexual Practices for all sex organ configurations

Yoni Pujas

Lingham Pujas

Erotic Embodiment

Tantrik Alchemy

Inner Child/Parental Wound Healing

Relationship and Intimacy Coaching

Shadow Dancing

Herbal Medicine

Astrology Wisdom

Guided Meditations

Reiki Shares

Community Confessionals

Networking with members/selling/sharing your services



What else will happen in the Divine Nectar Membership Program?

As a course member, you’ll get a few great benefits from being here:

  • ~This Membership Program includes live calls that happen at least 3 times per month. You will also have access to a private community page in Mighty Networks (a magnificent platform with NO ADS distracting you) to share and engage with the other magical folx here. This membership will help you to remember and BE-HAVE from your exquisite multi-facetedness: the way you think, feel, move, act and BE in your mind, body, heart, spirit, and relationships will feel more well-rounded and multi-dimensional!

  • ~Meet amazing folx and make new friends for LIFE. Your fellow students are as motivated and as magick as you are and ready to EMBODY and taste the fruits that we’re cultivating here in Divine Nectar!

  • ~FEEL deep shifts. As you dive into the course and meet the community in Divine Nectar, you’ll experience yourself living and breathing the amazing empowered life that is uniquely YOU! The amplification of all the participants will help us to conjure up HIGH VIBE LEVELS of DIVINE CONNECTION!


I offer two subscription options for my Monthly Membership Program:

Individual Monthly Membership (Includes community and 3 calls per month for one person)


You + A Friend Monthly Membership (Includes community and 3 calls per month for two people)


Live Calls

Within the Membership Community, there will be at least 3 Live Calls per month that will range in topics, experiences, and even include guest teachers. Some of these offerings and practices will be…

  • ~movement

  • ~community connection and networking experiences

  • ~guest teachers 

  • ~Sexy Sunday sermons

  • ~live coaching calls 

  • ~confessionals

  • ~shadow integration

  • ~ritual

  • ~herbalism / harvesting

You will find the Live Call schedule and Zoom Link inside of the Divine Nectar Platform after you sign up.

How to Get the Most Out of Divine Nectar

This is a supportive community of people seeking spiritual and embodied empowerment. 

Get the most out of this course by: 

  • Staying TRUE to yourself, your needs, your desires and your pace.

  • ASK for what you need. Be specific. Create the Spells you wish to create with your posts! We are all here to support each other! And when you are courageous enough to ask you create a bridge and invite others to share courageously and vulnerably too!

  • Building supportive, conscious relationships with other community members.

This Membership is for You IF:

1. You are READY to have more energy, more support, less shame, better sex, more confidence and feel more pleasure.

2. You are READY a to be a part of a community of folx devoted to ritual work, intention setting, creating REAL magick, LAUGHING, LEARNING, SHAKIN’ yer tail feathers, and deeply connecting to your Spirit Guides (seen and unseen).

3. You are READY and WILLING to dance, somatically heal, and feel free to ENJOY your body more!

4. You are READY to learn powerful practices and meditations to OPEN, AWAKEN, HEAL and INTEGRATE your sexual center.

5. You are READY for more fulfilling, loving, supportive relationships.

6. You are READY to release shame around your body and your truest desires.

7. You are willing and READY to expand your definitions of “sex”!

8. You are READY to step into the driver’s seat of YOUR precious life, and feel supported in living your life authentically.

9. You are spiritual and/or seeking a deeply nourishing spiritual connection and READY to E M B O D Y it. 

10. You are READY to let go of patterns that do not serve or delight you that have kept you suffering time and time again!

Sign the Sacred Agreements Now if you feel the Call…