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Are you on medication and still feel like something is missing?  Do you feel stuck in a life that doesn’t fulfill you?  I help to provide support to people who are looking for a BIG shift in their lives, by combining a variety of spiritual and practical herbal and nutritional healing modalities that can be taken along side your current medications, or to help ween you off of them.

We are all looking for wellness, and that path looks different for each person. Using a variety of tools for healing and wellness, I will help you to find the path that fits best for your needs for wholesome, healing, wellness.

My initial consultations are free! Just fill out this detailed by clicking the Healing Paths Intake Form below to schedule our first consultation. From here we can access what the specific steps to wellness is for you.

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“Working with Neko brought out something in me that I didn’t know existed. I feel stronger and more whole since working with her. The guidance she gives is beautifully exactly what each person needs. I give thanks for her in my life! ” -Sierra H.