Sound Healing


Sound Healing

Sound healing uses vibrational soundscapes as a healing modality. We are all made up of cells that are constantly vibrating, so with sound healing the physical and energetic body re-calibrates itself.  Sound healing has been effectively proven to help reduce stress, shift consciousness and offer a deep sense of peace, improved health & well being.

I studied in Denver with Keith Montoya of Pura Dhvani, a professional musician who has a heart of gold and the most impressive collection of crystal & tibetan singing bowls, planetary & wind gongs, chimes, bells, whistles, you name it. I now offer sound healing classes monthly and and can be hired for private sessions or parties.

Sound healing has been shown to be a superior pain management tool for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

While awake, our brain’s normal frequency operates in Beta. Sound healing allows the brain to shift  into the deeper Alpha and Theta brain wave frequencies. Alpha and Theta frequencies induce deep meditative and peaceful states, improve mental clarity and deepen intuition.

Sound Healing with Me

  • Sound Healing Session for Individuals $88 
  • Private Party (off-site) $249


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