My intro to yoga began as a three year old. Meditating on a tiny pillow my Aunt gave me, I would sit with her, and peek out from my tightly squeezed eyes while trying to sit still. I found it again as a teenager. I did yoga to Rodney Yee’s VHS tapes in the living room at my dad’s house. He made fun of the guy in the speedo on the TV. I persisted. I received my RYT-200 in March 2011.

I practice & teach yoga to find balance inside of myself and with all beings. It is my medicine. My antidote to my over-thinking mind, my emotional ripples in the pond, and my anxious, tired, or stressed out body. It is more than just a physical practice. It connects my mind to my body to my Spirit. And to the Divine. It has deeply enriched my life and I have no doubt in my heart that this is an offering that I must pay back to any and all who seek peace.

Yoga with Me

I teach a variety of classes, mostly catering to your para-sympathetic nervous system, or the “rest and digest” function in the body. This equates to gentle hatha style flow, senior or chair yoga, restorative, and yin yoga classes. I can also lead a mean vinyasa for those seeking to sweat glitter. Contact me here to talk about what kind of yoga is good for you.

  • Private yoga, one session $165 for 1.25 hour
  • Private yoga classes 4-pack $600 ($150 each)
  • Group yoga for events/parties/Bridal Showers, $399