Shiva is the perfect lover


Ruler of the 3rd eye, aka the pineal gland, the place that governs the endocrine system. which governs our hormone production. the place where the sacred masculine & feminine (and every shade in-between) within fall in love, move into a 1 bedroom together, keep the neighbors up all night, have their first fight, say sorry, have make-up sex, find compromise, commit, disagree, let go, grow apart, individuate, gender bend, witness each other fully, deepen their bond, grow together, lose balance, find balance, re-commit, lean in, create, destroy, transform, transcend, grow old, return to stardust, & begin again. ad infinitum.

Shiva reminds me of the beauty of me, in all of the facets of my diamond self.

Om Namah Shivaya.