“Neko, working with you brought out something in me that I didn’t know existed. I feel stronger, more whole since working with you. The guidance you give is beautifully exactly what each person needs. I give thanks for you in my life! I couldn’t be where I am today with out the work we did.”-Sierra H. 


“Your novel and amazing skill on the gong bath transported me to a serene healing space.”-JD Starman


“I have been receiving readings from Neko Three-Sixty for several years now, and the experience always offers an abundance of wisdom, laughter, deep knowing and inspiring imagery to carry forward. I highly recommend her tarot readings, channeling services, and word-medicine generally.

As a healer, she is insightful, inventive, humorous and fierce. Nothing is too high, too low, too challenging, or too complex for her to hold. I have grown immeasurably through working alongside her as a healer, as well as receiving guidance and treatments from her directly.

Neko has a very real, awake presence, and her medicine is deeply grounded, humble, and wise. She is a diamond witch in the woods, making medicine with the wolves and the bees. Go, see her. Seek whatever support she may be offering. You will not regret your choice.” -Anaya Swan


“I connected with Neko when I was struggling with my career — as a freelancer writer, I often don’t know how or when my next paycheck will come. I utilized her services and she created an intention prayer and ritual candle just for me. Within a few weeks, job opportunities were filling my inbox and past due invoices were suddenly being paid. I even found $500 in an old jewelry box when I was cleaning! No joke. Neko’s magic is real!”

-Coco Davies


“Your Instant Pain Relief essential oil blend is still one of my favorite balms for joint stress and pain. Between that and a comfrey/arnica salve from you, I have two very powerful healing remedies for dealing with the aches and pains of working hard with my hands every day. Thank you!”-Dave M. 


“Everything Neko does, she does wholeheartedly with her powerful, kind, & healing magic. From her shockingly accurate, inspiring, and insightful tarot and astrology readings to her relaxing, healing gong baths to her amazing array of potions (the Instant Pain Relief is the only thing that helps with my menstrual cramps), I can’t recommend her transformative, completely one-of-a-kind services enough.”-Robin E. 

“On my time with Neko: Remember when you are in that space and you crave to be seen heard and acknowledged? Recall that moment when you hear that one sentence, the one that shifts what you had ‘decided’…..but do you remember the peace you felt in that tone. this woman listens. to perhaps more than you willingly shared. she hears your words, your longings, your feelings, your silence. when your reflection is given, despite the medium, this human medium clearly has lent practice to the cleaning of her own mirror. the messages, the ‘answers’: you have them; she deciphers them. when you are clouded. when you are murky, lost, craving this healer pauses you and pulls you out to look.”-J.Joy


“Neko is a wonderful and calming guide. Her presence is extremely grounding. She has a way of creating sacred space for deep work. I have loved being in class with her and look forward to attending more of her courses.”-Jenna Galbut

A Letter to Neko: “I’ve had so much happen since your gong bath and I wanted to share my experience with you. So, at the ceremony, I brought my friend with me. The word that she invited in was “freedom” and as soon as she said that I was like… oh man that’s a good one… but the word that I was inviting in was “Truth”. My work environment has been intense for the last year since I started there and I’ve felt like my sanity has been slipping since I began last year. So… during the gong bath I just wanted truth… truth for myself and truth from my boss. I kept saying truth over and over and finally “the truth will set you free” popped into my mind mid gong set. I was feeling very crabby walking into the gongs but felt tremendously better walking out. Thank you! The next day I had a meeting with my boss and I unloaded quite a lot of truth on her and she did the same and it looks like I’m probably going to get fired (I’ve never been fired before). The idea of leaving has given me such a sense of peace that I haven’t felt in a long time, I feel like I’m finally back to myself! There’s a lot of unknowns right now for me but you and the gongs facilitated some wonderful changes. I already got another job offer since then. Thank you thank you! What a life! Big smiles, and much love!”-K.M.


“Your magic is amazing across the board, from the love you share with others, to all the sacred intentions you put into your elixirs and tinctures to make them everything they are and also so specific and unique for each person.”-SBJ

“Neko is a master at making healing and supportive remedies! Her knowledge base is vast, and the loving energy that she puts into each and every batch is her secret ingredient!!” -Debbie H.